wang lee hom - getaran jiwa
Taiwanese pop star Wang Lee Hom recently performed in Genting Highlands in Malaysia.  To the excitement of the Malaysian audience, one of the songs that he performed was a cover of Getaran Jiwa, a smooth romantic song from the late Malaysian singer/actor P. Ramlee.

A new female pop band From Taiwan TOFFEE did a remix of Ye Lai Xiang (夜来香), a classic Chinese song covered by many female Chinese artists about all the sweet perfumes and fragrances during the night.  What sets this female pop band apart is that they always incorporate traditional Chinese instruments in their music such as the guzheng and the pipa.  In this particular remix of Ye Lai Xiang TOFFEE incorporates not only Chinese classical instruments but also modern electro to re-invigorate this timeless Chinese classic.

The rapper in this song MC GAWEED, sounds like he's a Far East Movement reject.  He does really crappy poppy raps and lacks the energy in his voice to get me hyped up (that's the whole point of rap anyways right?  Otherwise, why bother rapping?). 

The music itself is not bad at all but the music video on the other hand is really good and aesthetically pleasing.  It includes a lot of Chinese elements yay!

Sultan by Asylbek Ensespov is a music video which tells the story of a Russian ice queen.  Many of her potential suitors tried in vain to win her heart.  Only the Kazakh man (played by Ensespov) who has traveled far and wide on his horse wins the heart of a Russian ice queen by the means of his enchanted dombra which was given to him by a magical shaman.

There's some very interesting Russian and Arabian fantasy elements in the music video too.

I can't believe that........I'm finally jumping on the Agnes Monica bandwagon ha ha!

Seeing Agnes Monica performing Shake It Off  at the 2011 South East Asian Games Closing Ceremony has got to be one of the MOST EPIC performances I have seen.  

I love all the Indonesian references in the music, in the dance styles, and in the freaky looking Balinese masks in the giant LED screen in background.  I love it!  It's sooooo awesome!  Agnes Monica rocks!  She's gonna go big!

I kinda like this song Xiexie Zai LianLuo by Taiwanese singer Jeannie Hsieh (謝金燕).  It has a sexy and mature feel to it.  The title means something like thank you, see you again.  The reason why I said I "kinda like this song" is that the garbage rap verse by the mysterious ghost rapper kinda spoiled the song a bit.  Oh and don't forget about the dancing monkeys in the music video with the horrendous choreography. 

It's a song from her 54321  album released in 2007. The song is sung in Hokkien, and the chorus is both in Hokkien and Mandarin. 

One more thing I like to point out that is Jeannie Hsieh seems to have very prominent Austronesian facial features.  She could pass for a Vietnamese girl in my books.

This is Zhang Wei (張瑋) from Inner Mongolia singing High歌 (which means "High Song") for The Voice of China singing competition.  The song is so funky!  Zhang Wei  sung it waaaaaaay better than the original singer.  He truly rocked the whole crowd!

The funny thing after Zhang Wei's performance was that the judges were saying they couldn't believe it was a male singing.  One of them believed at first it was a girl singing.  Ha ha!

The music video is way too cool!  It's so lively, care-free and happy and that's what I love about it!  At first I thought the song was about celebrating life or something to that effect because of the uptemo feel to it, but when I read the English translation lyrics it turns the song is a sappy emo love song.  An intended juxtaposition maybe?

Palmy is one of Thailand's most popular female pop stars.  She's half Thai and half Belgian and she also got this Sheryl Crow hairstyle going on.  This is her big hit song from the summer of 2011, คิดมาก which means in Thai something like over-thinking.

Namewee Indian Party
"WELCOME TO THE INDIAN PARTY!"  Lol.  This Indian Dance  song is from Namewee's latest movie Hantu Gangster.  It's quite a high energy and silly song that takes place in an Indian temple in Malaysia.

Yeah, this song is weird as hell because it throws in Chinese and Malay phrases and has Malays and Chinese dancing in this Indian song.  That IS how Malaysia though.  It is a multicultural country after all.  Malaysia Truly Asia! 

What a pity that the song length is less than 2 minutes!  It's so catchy!

18 year-old Jaik Berg from the Cook Islands singing his island love song My Oh My live in Melbourne, Australia. 

He's got a lot of soul for a young guy.  He sounds a lot like a male reincarnated version of Billie Hollidae.  The song is pretty catchy too.  Sounds like Starbucks music hehe.

This song by Qu Wanting ((曲婉婷) currently on repeat on my playlist.  I know, I know.  It's a cheesy Chinese love song.  There are thousands of slow lovey dovey Chinese and they all sound the same.  But somehow the melody of this song really got to me.

Qu Wanting is originally from Harbin, China but now is based in Vancouver since studying there.