B-Free - I'm Free

The instrumental of I'm Free uses a real NICE vintage rock sample.  The song is off B-Free's 2010 album Freedumb.
Mama's Gun - Yesterday's News

Mama's Gun is a soul band from the UK that is very popular in Japan.  They did a cool English soul cover of a very popular Japanese ballad by Koji Tamaki called 行かないで (Don't Leave Me Alone).  The Mama's Gun cover is called Yesterday's News.  Cantonese speakers might also recognize this song because it is also there is a very famous Cantonese version sung by Jackie Cheung called 李香蘭  (Fragrant Orchid).
First post of the year and so.......

Happy new years everyone!

How about starting this year with a year in review of 2010?

In 2010 I've seen many music videos from Asian hip hop artists from all over the globe.  There were some that I thought that stood out from all the others because they have left an impression in me.  Without further ado,  here are my top 10 favorite music videos from 2010!

Prosa - Guangzhou
#10 讲者 - 广州广州

讲者(Prosa) puts it down for their city of Guangzhou, China.  This song sounds like Robert Miles meets Chinese night market techno.  What appeals to me about this song is that there's a real street feel in the music and in the music video.