Dean and Ravo

Easy listening song by Dean and Ravo called Walkin Around.  Samples Daft Punk's Digital Love.  Very refreshing sound.
Siroc - The Educated

Siroc and producer Propo '88, who are both from The Netherlands, released a song called The Educated.   It has that nostalgic Mountain Brothers kind of vibe to it.  Dude has a sick flow and a good message.
Gee,Tulgat & Rokit Bay - Microphonii ard

Mongolian rappers Gee, Tulgat and Rokit Bay collaborated together in a dope music video entitled Microphonii ard.  All 3 rappers of them went in this one.  The beat goes hard as well.

Not sure where this music video was shot in, but it doesn't look like Mongolia.  I'm pretty sure Mongolia doesn't have any rocky shores.
Italix - Hold Down MV

This was sent in by DCAP Won, the director/editor of music video.  The rapper is Italix and he's spitting some ill conscious rhymes in a song called Hold Down.
Skyzoo and !Ilmind - #allaboutthat

Another music video off Skyzoo and !Ilmind's Live From The Tape Deck.  This one is called #allaboutthat.  It's a nice, smooth joint.

Continuing with the spirit of Chinese New Year, here's the long awaited music video for YK's 红纸币 RED PAPER BILLS, shot in New York's Chinatown.  The lion dance in the second half of music video was a nice added touch.

Download the MP3 here.
Scpoez - Do It

Scopez from Vancouver has just leaked out a track called Do It featuring Kris Blade.  Scopez's flow is hella trippy!  The song is off his upcoming RedEye Sessions EP.
DJ Shine and Crazy T

Crazy T, an American rapper who is active in the Japanese hip hop scene, hit me up with his new single entitled John Q featuring DJ Shine.  Yeah, the same DJ Shine that use to be in Drunken Tiger!  Haven't heard from him in a minute!  The track is produced by DJ Munari from Gekokujo NYC.

Get it on iTunes.  Crazy T's 2nd album IN TOH YOH will be released next month in March.
YK - 红纸币Red Paper Bills

YK collabs again with XFacta with a Chinese New Year song called 红纸币Red Paper Bills.  The beat has a cool 80's flava to it.

Happy Chinese New year to all the Chinese in all over the world!
Wishing you guys:

Gong xi fa cai

Gong hey fat choy

Keong hee huat chye

And to all my Tibetan, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese friends:

Losar tashi delek

Sar shiniin mend hurgeye

Chúc mừng năm mới

Sae hae bok ma nee ba deu se yo

Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu

Wishing all you guys a great year! :)