Chan-Maniac-New Dynasty

Snacky Chan and Maniac are now longer part of the (revolving) group Uptown.  They both left the group and formed their own crew called New Dynasty.  They did a recent interview with TBS eFM 101.3, which is an English radio station in Korea, talking mainly about their experience with the Korean music industry and being in Uptown.  From what I gather, it seems like these guys are done with the K-pop idol scene and want to start making music they believe in, hence the formation of New Dynasty.

They should be releasing a music video real soon but in the mean time here's an unreleased English track from New Dynasty called You Da Man.
Cable Car Stars - Somewhere Over The Bridge

One of the members from Cable Car Stars (from Hercules, California) hit me up earlier this week about their newly released free album Somewhere Over The Bridge.  The album has a laid-back youthful California sound.  Very chill.
Urbanalog - Journey in Blue

From Urbanalog's EP Journey in Blue, this is their single Blue Walk, produced by Primary.  The song has a neo-soul vibe à la Camp Lo and India Arie.  The EP is droppin on March 17, 2011.
Dope D.O.D. - What Happened

Dubstep plus hip hop?  Well that's what Dutch hip hop trio Dope D.O.D. mixed in their song What Happened.  Sounds raw.  And the visuals are crazy too!