Just recently I saw the battle of Dizaster vs A-Class on YouTubeSome of you might remember Dizaster as the rapper that tried to bring Jin out of his retirement of battle rapping.  Dizaster and Jin had a little back and forth thing on YouTube for a while but at the end, the battle never happened. 

In my opinion, Dizaster dominated the battle with his showmanship.  Not only can Dizaster write witty lines and make snappy rebuttals, but he knows how to deliver his lines in a way to make his opponent and the crowd feel the impact of his words.   A-Class had a lot of heart and some hits, but his lines were too generic and could be applicable to almost anyone.  Furthermore, compared to Dizaster, A-Class sounds quite monotone and seems to have an emotionless, robotic-like delivery.   Dizaster won this battle hands down.

The Quiett - Quiet Storm: a Night Record
The Quiett is one of the most sought after producers and emcees in the Korean hip hop scene.  And for a damn good reason too.  The man's got SOUL.  The Quiett has produced for many of Korea's premier hip hop acts such as Drunken tiger, T and Epik High and has collaborated with many of Korea's underground hip hop artists.   He is part of a hip hop crew called Soul Company, which is well-known for making authentic hip hop music.

The Quiett's latest album is called Quiet Storm: A Night Record and was released in March 2010.  The album is titled as such because it is inspired by night scene in Seoul, Korea.  The latest music video that The Quiett released from this album is called Shine 'Em.  The video looks a bit inspired by Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind, but damn... this song is sooooooo smooth!  This song makes me picture being inside a skyscraper looking at all the beautiful view and architecture of a  mega city such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.  By internationally standards, this song is definitely a winner and a fine example of really dope Korean hip hop music.

Vietnamse rapper Nah hit me up a while back telling me about his new mixtape he released called The Downfall of Nah.  This is his only album in 2010.  Compared to his earlier music, this mixtape has a more mature sound.  The mixtape has both English and Vietnamese songs.
Nah - The Downfall of Nah
Track Listing:

1. Prime Time
2. Nhin Lai
3. Revenge of the Fallen
4. Introspection ft MAC
5. Xich Bich (Vietdragon diss)
6. I have a Dream
7. Feel This Way
8. Baller
9. My Last Song
If you're laughing, you're probably a nerd!
Whats up guys.  I am moving Asian Rap Worldwide into a different platform (finally!).  Say goodbye to blogger!  It was fun while it lasted.  Say hello to weebly!  I am also giving the new website a brand new name:  Asian Hip Hop Times.  Asian Rap Worldwide will NO LONGER be updated as I will move everything to Asian Hip Hop Times.  I'll be keeping the old website for archive purposes.  My twitter and facebook and email will be the same!

Ciao! Cya there!  Last one there is a stinky tofu!