Big L - The Danger Zone

Today would have been the birthday of a Harlem legend.   Lamont Coleman aka Big L was born on May 30th, 1974.  He would have been 37 today.  Happy birthday Big L!  Definitely one of the best that ever did it!

To celebrate Big L's birthday, yes, there will be a new Big L album being released today.  It's called The Danger Zone.  Looks like the album will be remastered tracks from mixtapes that have been circulated for quite some time already or old verses with new instrumentals perhaps?

I remember the first time I heard Big L.  It was from the Lyricist Lounge 2 compilation album that I heard back in 2002 or 2003.  It was on the track Still Here that I first heard L.  I was listening to the lyrics and it went like...
85 Crew - The Essence

85crew from Hong Kong has a brand new track called The Essence, produced by J.L. from Taiwan.  The flows from 85crew are getting better and better.
New Dynasty - Now I Know

Chan and Maniac from New Dynasty just released their first music video and single Now I Know.  I wanted to like it but it sounds a bit too bubblegum for me.

Album cover and track listing for New Dynasty's debut album Body Language after the jump.
Dru B Shinin' from Fort Worth, Texas got a real cool 8 track EP called The Admission One that he released in November last year.  The album is about personal content and rapping over live band instrumentals.  This IS quality music.  I definitely fucks with this!
Dru B Shinnin - The Admission One EP Cover
Zegevier & MC Lier

Zegvier (Z4) from The Netherlands collabs with Chinese rapper MC Lier in their song Blessed.  The rhymes are done in Dutch and Chinese.