New summer jam from Pikaso and Jazze from Manila, The Philippines called U Know What's  Up.  Pikaso's So Fresh album will be released this August.
South Cide Vol 1

Carlos Galvan
formerly from Uptown (UPT), is now with a new crew alongside PinnacleProducer Y.K and DJ Tom Slick, called South Cide.  Their latest single is called  Hustle featuring Lita and Vasco, off their South Cide Vol 1 EP.

The beat is BadASS!!  It's perfect for lounging.  As for the vocals, Carlos and Lita were the best parts of the song.  Wasn't really feelin Pinnacle's or Vasco's verses.  Their rapping style doesn't seem to fit the beat.  I wish Carlos would have rapped in the entire song. 
'Look man, there's a difference between ninJA and ninJER.'

Hahaha!  Funny ass skit.  Be careful who you call ninJER!!
World's Biggest Gold Coin 2

The biggest gold coin in the world produced by the Royal Canadian Mint has been sold off in an auction in Austria for €3.27 million ($4 million USD).  The winner of the auction is ORO direct, a precious metals trading company based in Madrid, Spain.  The coin was listed as the biggest gold coin in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.   There are only 5 of these giant-sized coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The coin which is 99.999% pure gold, weighs 100kg (220.5 pounds), has a diameter of 53cm.  The face value of the coin is $1 million Canadian, but it is now worth $4 million USD, based on the price of gold when it was sold!
Shaun Boothe - Let Me Go

New single from Shaun Boothe from Toronto, Canada.  The single is called Let Me Go.  Its one of those bittersweet nostalgic sounding songs that really hits you hard.  Produced by Nineteen85.

Wut? And all this time I thought the language was called Tagalog!  I do know some words though: kamusta, pinoy, pinay, bebot, and jeepney.  Heh heh.  Sorry FaceBook.  I can't be of help.
Thai Viet G

Here's a new music video from Thai Viet G featuring Michelle Martinez called I'mma Be The Best.  Its pretty cool inspirational song.  Strikeforce MMA fighter Cung Le makes an appearance in the music video.

The 454 Life Entertainment compilation album As Real As It Gets will be out on August 24th.
Kil Ripkin

Here's a brand new music video from Kil Ripkin who grew up in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn New York.  The title of the song is called Not You.  Some real good and MATURE hip hop music here.
Death of GOV

Mastamic goes all out in D.O.G. [Death Of Government] dissing Hong Kong's Beijing-appointed Chief Executive Donald Tsang.  MastaMic has a really crazy flow.  Its almost like rapid fire Cantonese.
Matt Brevner

Here's a new music video from Vancouver rapper and producer, Matt Brevner.  The song is called Mine, off his debut album Magum Opus

The song is about two important relationships Matt Brevner had in his life:  an ex and his late grandfather.  The setting's gray colors and lighting works really great with the mood of the song.  It's almost like looking at old photos.