XL Middleton - The Hedonistic Mixtape

Been bumpin to XL Middleton's The Hedonistic Mixtape for a while now.  I love it!!!!  Definitely cop it and give it a listen.  The Hedonistic Album coming real soon this summer.
VVish HK hip hop

Hong Kong producer VVish recently posted two instrumentals online on his soundcloud account. 

The first one is entitled Sit Back Relax which was the instrumental used for 無聊咪做歌 by Geniuz. F (a Hong Kong hip hop classic!).  This version is a slightly re-modified version which sounds better than the original.

The second instrumental is entitled Jazzy.  Another very chill track!

I spoke to VVish recently and he has plans to drop a 6-8 track EP around October.  Will be looking forward to that when it drops!
Beijing rapper Young Kin dropped a 9-track 等待回程 (Waiting to Return) mixtape with Illuminare.
YK 等待回程 front
Karmal - Bangkit

Karmal from XXII has just dropped his first single Bangkit (Rise Up).  The production of the song is dope.
Edison Chen - Salute

Edison Chen is back with another music video called Salute.  Yes, he still has a funny accent when speaking Chinese but at the same time his rap flow is getting better and better.  The hook is wack as fuck though.  It doesn't flow at all and it sounds kinda "chinky". 

Looks like MC Hotdog is now a ghostwriter for Edison, heh heh.
Vandaliss - Rhythm of the night

New music video by Vandaliss called Rhythm of the Night.  The beat is produced by TrackOfficialz and it samples the original song with the same title by Corona.

Vandaliss is a hip hop duo consisting of Eccentrix and Fortune.  They represent Connecticut and South East Asians.  Eccentrix kinda looks like Adon from Street Fighter.
Oprah with Jay-Z
Oprah with Jay-Z

Continuing off with this Unauthorized Biography series, Shaun Booth has just released his Unauthorized Biography of Oprah Winfrey.  A true rags to riches story fueled by persistence and determination! 

Next unauthorized biography Shaun Booth will be making will be of Tupac Shakur.  Can't wait for that one!
Chill - Filipina rapper

A brand new release from Chill, the "Queen of Filipino Hip Hop".  The song is entitled Flamethrower, produced by Sam Rhansum.  Her vocals doesn't come off that strong and her lyrics and flow are mediocre.
Verseatile & Decipher

Verseatile re-released his single You Can Bring It.  This new version features Decipher droppin a verse.  This song is solid.
JIN - Shoot for the Moon

Jin's new autobiographical music video called Shoot for the Moon is out.  The music video relays photos and clips of Jin from the past and all the projects he has been working on while in Hong Kong.