In the The Lion King motion picture hakuna matata means "no worries", however I have no idea what hakuna matata means in Mongolian.  This song definitely not an easy going song like the one Timba and Pumbaa sang.  One of the rappers pulled a gat out of nowhere!  The beat is definitely banging.  It sounds like the soundtrack to the Mongol horde when they ride on their enemies.


I found this cool Mongolian dance song on YouTube.  They sound kinda like Aqua, with the girl singing in a cute voice and the freaky Mongol warrior guy singing in a throaty/gravelly voice, but a tad bit edgier.  From what I gather, this song is originally a Buryat folk song.  The Buryat are Northern Mongols who are now part of the Russian federation. 

The music starts at 0:59, if you want to skip the bored at the office scene.

Tlingit terracotta warrior
Located at 250 Howe St, by Waterfront Station
Terracotta warriors have now invaded the streets of Vancouver!  Lock your doors, close your windows!  The Chinese are coming!  Haha.  This particular terracotta warrior that I took a photo of is called "Tlingit Warrior" and its a terracotta warrior all dressed in Tlingit garb.  I think this one is most unique looking one out all of the terracotta warriors I have seen so far.  And its also a really cool way to represent the First Nations of British Columbia.
So Diablo III is the now latest virtual crack that has got all the computer nerds hooked, replacing World of Warcraft or whatever the heck was the the cause of their social demise before DIII.  The game is so popular that one of the teachers from Singapore's Tamasek Polytechnic decided to feature a 15-mark exam question about two wizards casting the "Disintegrate spell" on Diablo.  What kind of nerdy-ass shit is this?!