Old Man Raps is Bambu's latest music video from his ...paper cuts... EP.  The music video paints a would-be scenario in the future when Bambu is a grumpy old dad who loves but is disconnected from his teenage son, who wants to join a gang.  This has got to be one of the best music videos I've seen in a while.  Definitely a classic.  The director of the music video is Patricio Ginelsa, who also directed Bambu's Crooks & Rooks music video.

Mike-Dash-E & Chariz's music video The Funeral takes place in what do you know-- graveyard!  Lots of gunplay lines in this song, but it doesn't seem that all convincing....
MC Hotdog

This has got to be one of the most weirdest collaborations ever.  MC Hotdog, the "godfather of Taiwanese rap", collaborates with Hong Kong idol/Cantopop queen Sammi Cheng in the Mandarin version of 信者得愛 .  Let's not forget to mention that the song is a cover of a Korean pop song and that MC Hotdog is publicly known for his hatred of Korean pop artists and Chinese idol singers because of their lack of substance.  He even put it all on wax back in 2001.
Shigga Shay, a 17-year old rapper from Singapore sent in his 15-track mixtape called ShiGGa Shay's in the Building!  Included is a music video of Shigga Shay's cover of B.o.B's Nothin' On You featuring Inch Chua.
ShiGGa Shay's in the Building 01
DTM, who reps both Hong Kong and the Greater Toronto Area, has released his first album: The Universal Man just last Sunday.  The album is a selection of his recorded songs over the past 5 years and is meant to be a throwback to raw 90s rap.  The album can be downloaded for free directly from his website
DTM - The Universal Man front
Denver Post article

Thought I'd give you guys the heads up about the Asian Hip Hop Times getting press coverage in this Saturday's Denver Post!  The article is about Asian-Americans and hip hop culture and I was asked to share my thoughts on Asian hip hop music.  Shout outs to Elena Jefferson, the writer of the news article, for reaching out and helping to get the word out for this website.  Without any further ado, here's the excerpt from the original article:

"It's interesting how Asian cultures try to legitimize their hip-hop," says Royal, a Malaysia-born music blogger who lives, works and writes in British Columbia. He started his site, Asian Hip-Hop Times (, because he says there was a need for more English-language coverage of the subject.
Simon with a camera-shy hostess
Simon with a camera-shy hostess

and his entourage take the night out for some adult entertainment at a hostess bar.  Asian Chicks (Pay) is from theTequila, Gin or Henny mixtape released last month.
Bay Area hip hop artists Chariz (from Go Bigg Music Group) and Mike-Dash-E from (SMG 3rd World Hustle) collaborate together for this free mixtape release called The Funeral.  Included is a music video from the mixtape called Baby What You Drinkin and a trailer for an upcoming music video A Couple Racks, both directed by Darryl Gatan.

Koreatown Los Angeles emcee Shin-B sent in two new tracks called I'm Ill and See You There. Both songs recorded and remastered by Lumpee.
Chuckie Akenz

Chuckie Akenz has released another track.  This one is called Everywhere You Go featuring Epik.  Seems like a song about relationship drama.  Not particularly feeling the vibe or flow on this one and the hook is a little too mushy for me.