Emmalyn - My My My Feat. Spot & Ess MV

Just released.  Emmalyn Estrada featuring Spot & Ess in their Motown-inspired track entitled My My My.  Another solid track from Spot & Ess.  These boys are a real good look for Vancouver hip hop.
Kebee & Soul Company

Really feelin the vibe of this cypher-style song and they all goin IN on this one!  It's from boys from Soul Company, an underground Korean hip hop label.  The song is called The Gift and it's from the The Amazing Mixtape that was released last May.

The first guy on the mic is Kebee, one of the founders of the label.  He's pretty sick.
MC Jin - 回香靖 (Homecoming) album

MC Jin's new full-length Cantonese album entitled 回香靖 (Homecoming) was released today.  One of better songs on the album is 立立乱 (Chaos).  In this song MC Jin does a conscious rap song describing Hong Kong's society.  That beat is hella sick and it was produced by Doughboy from 85up2.
Dharni vs krNfx

Check out this beatbox battle between two of the sickest Asian beatboxers: Dharni, representing Singapore, versus krNfx, representing CanadaThey were battling at the Emperor of Mic Beatbox Battle 2011 in Graz, Austria.

Dharni took this battle.