Mondega & Bambu

Wednesday night's execution of Troy Davis via lethal injection has left everyone in the United States divided.  Some believe that Troy Davis was guilty as charged for murdering an off-duty police officer.  Others believe that Davis was an innocent man and he, being black was a victim of racial profiling.

This blog post isn't a rant on whether Troy Davis was guilty or not guilty or whether the American judicial system is prejudiced against blacks.   This post is about how two different opinions concerning Troy Davis created a rift between two Asian American rappers Mondega and Bambu who had previously collaborated together on Mondega's Music for the People back in April.

Here's how it went down.

Diaz VS Protege

Yeah, I know, the promo pic looks like a cheesy movie poster lol, but this battle from World Domination 2 in Toronto is a MUST-SEE.  Diaz, representing Canada, takes on Protege representing The Philippines.  The battle was mad heated.  Protege took the battle from the judges' decisions but both rappers really gave it their all.  Would definitely check out future battles from both rappers.
Took some photos of some great vinyl album covers while browsing through some vinyls in a local shop in Vancouver.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.
John Philip Sousa Marches
The inspiration for Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl?  Her knee is so high up you can see her knickers.