Far East Movement - Free Wired

This new single by Far East Movement is sooooooooo chill!  The title of the song is Rocketeer featuring Ryan Tedder, off their Free Wired album.  This is gonna be a really, really BIG HIT! 

I haven't heard FM's album yet but I hope that there are more songs of this nature...

Sneak peak from the BANGKOK BULLY mixtape coming soon.  This is Day Diz and Dennis Tha Menace (from Thaikoon) in a brand new song called Skyrocket.
454 Life Entertainment - Rock Rock Rock
gotta try this one day...

The latest music video from 454 Life Entertainment is Rock, Rock, Rock by Traxamillion, Nump Trump, Thai Viet G, & Drew Deezy. I got to give props to Traxamillion for bringing back the feeling of 90's Eurodance music.  The beat and the chorus of the song is freakin awesome!  I can't say that I'm a big fan of the verses because the verses sound like filler material.
Nujabes - An Eternal Soul documentary

Fans of Nujabes rejoice! There is a documentary about the late Japanese hip hop producer currently the works called An Eternal Soul.  It's directed by Abe Spigel and will be out in late 2011.

Also the theme song of the documentary was released on YouTube.  It's a Nujabes-inspired track done by Japanese hip hop producer Ruto.
Kraft - Higher

Malaysian rapper Kraft does a remix of J.Cole's Higher.  Check the MV.
Hong Kong auntie

Someone captured footage of a Hong Kong auntie schooling everyone in an arcade basketball hoops game.  Damn.... she got skills!  Who would expect this from an auntie?  Watch and be amazed!
Classified - Choose Your Own Adventure

Now THIS is some real creativity!  Canadian rap artist Classified has put his Choose Your Own Adventure on YouTube.  At the end of each video, you are given two options to choose from to.  Each video plays out like hip hop musical. The soundtrack from the videos are actual tracks from his 2009 album, Self Explantory.
Cassidy - Drumma Bass

Cassidy seems to be taking a "new" direction in his new single Drumma Bass.  The beat is hot!  It sounds a lot like Swizz Beatz but it's actually from producer Top Notch.  The lyrics from Cassidy are really questionable though...
The Renaissance - Do Da Dippity

Free release from a new worldwide hip hop movement called The Renaissance (by Pikaso, Sam Rhansum and MC Dash).  The song is called Do Da Dippity, produced by Sam Rhansum.  Pikaso killed it!!!!!!
Triangle Offense

The Triangle Offense from Jersey City released this new music video not too long ago.  The song is entitled TGIF which is an acronym for "Thank God I'm Fresh".