These two kids, SAiNT and Flashkid Summary, from Hong Kong made this music video called Crossover.  They have ruined what could have been a really great idea, having a Filipino and a Hong Kong guy rapping together on a track.  Yeah, but this song really sucks.  The guy on the right in right looks like some sort of Hong Kong pop idol or K-pop boy band wannabe.  He represents everything that I don't understand about Hong Kong pop culture with his weird hair and clothes.

NZ, from the Mongolian hip hop crew Street Man dropped a dope video called CYA.  The production combines traditional Mongolian elements infused with hip hop.  The result is a very distinct sound.  Not to mention, NZ's flow is vicious!
ashleyslips a.k.a. Petra Mahalimuyak teaches you 5 ways to dance in a club.  A stupid, but yet very entertaining video.

Booker T revisits his most embarrassing moment: "Hulk Hogan!  We comin for you nigga!"  One of the funniest pro-wrestling bloopers ever.  Props to the interviewer who brought it up with Booker T after all these years!

A new hip hop anthem for Indonesia. Produced by NSG (The guy in the bear costume).

Indonesia will host this year's Southeast Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.