Skype banned in China
Zai jian Skype...

If banning Youtube, Facebook and Twitter isn't enough for China, well-- surprise, surprise! VOIP service provider Skype is the next internet service that will be banned in China.

According to the Shanghai Daily, it was reported that:

"The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said all VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone services are illegal on the Chinese mainland, except those provided by telecommunications carriers China Telecom and China Unicom. The ministry gave no timetable on when the ruling takes effect."

That is one helluva way to ensure that both of China's state-owned telecommunications monopolies stay as monopolies.  On the other hand, this news might piss off Chinese companies that use Skype to conduct business with other countries. 

But never fear, I'm pretty sure a "new" Chinese version of Skype will come around.  You know how THEY do!
Six City - Love The Way MV

I don't post R&B much, but I like the laid-back feeling of the song and there's a decent rap verse in it as well.  The song is called Love The Way and it's in entirely in Mandarin done in a distinctive Chinese pop style by Uyghur hip hop group Six City.  The name "Six City" is an English (Chinglish?) translation of Altishahr, a kingdom of six cities in the Uyghur homeland during the 1500's.
Tuna Spaghetti is a mixtape release from Malaysian rapper SonaOne.  This guy is one of the most talked about rappers from the Malaysian hip hop scene as of late.  His quirky rapping style reminds me of Dumbfoundead's.  There's an interesting remix of Like A G6 with a modified beat called Flyer Than a G6 worth checking out.
SonaOne - Tuna Spaghetti mixtape 1
Decipher - Catch Me If you Can Remix

Decipher and Ailee's remix of Catch Me If you Can is out.  The remix is features fellow Korean rappers J.Reyez, Dumbfoundead, Flowsik, Chan, Johnnyphlo and Jay Park (formerly from 2PM) on the beat.  You can buy this song on bandcamp for $1.

Decipher's The Effect is coming out soon!
Jay-Z on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose interviews Jay-Z in front of a live audience at the Brooklyn museum.  The interview was taped on November 18th.  Part 2 of the interview coming soon.

Watch it here.
Christmas Kitten

I just want to take this opportunity and wish all the readers of Asian Hip Hop Times a very Merry Christmas!  Happy holidays to everyone!
It's that time again! Here is the Asian Hip Hop Connect Vol. 2 Mixtape, released by Asian Hip Hop Times.  The purpose of this mixtape is to showcase a broad spectrum of Asian hip hop artists and their music and then putting it all in a single collection.  Shout outs to all of the artists who took part in making this mixtape!
Asian Hip Hop Connect - 1
Donald Tsang and MC Jin
Yeeeeeeeeeee? MC Jin wor....

MC Jin collaborates with Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald "Bow Tie" Tsang to wish everyone in Hong Kong a Merry Christmas.  The song is called Rap Now 2010 which is a spin-off of Donald Tsang's controversial "Act Now" campaign for electoral reforms. 

I couldn't help but notice that the "Act Now" poster in the music video, which has MC Jin's name on it, blending into "Rap Now".  I wonder if this is a ploy by Donald Tsang to get MC Jin's fans to align with him politically.  You guys remember that Jin's Letter to Obama song was quite the buzz back then, right?
Madshock's blog Rapista, which promotes Philippine underground hip hop, has launched its first ever compilation mixtape called Rapista Mixtape Volume One: Ang Paglabas ng Lakan (Series 2010).
Rapista Mixtape Volume One: Ang Paglabas ng Lakan (Series 2010) 1
Kevin Lester - Let's Talk about Kevin Lester album

Singaporean rapper Kevin Lester has dropped his debut album Let's Talk about Kevin Lester.  What a troll title, lol.  I gave the album a quick listen and it sounds just as psychedelic as the album cover looks.