Every now and then there is someone (usually a White American but not always) who makes a video and then spews out derogatory remarks against Asians and then it goes viral.  Then people start messaging me and tell me "Hey man, we Asians are under attack again, you need to post this and spread this around" or something to that effect.

Last time it was some blonde college student complaining about Asians in the library saying "Ching chong ling long ting tong", now it's some guy who makes a video about why he would hate to be Asian.  Tomorrow it's going to be something else and then all hell will break loose again.

Since I have been writing a lot about my personal thoughts lately about many different issues, I have decided that I will chime in about this issue regarding Asians and racism.

Before I go into my thoughts, I would like to give a WARNING:  my thoughts are quite unorthodox compared to other pro-Asian agenda bloggers and might be interpreted as a bit extreme, so... just make a mental note of that before you read this post.

And secondly, I don't speak for all Asians.  I just speak for myself and this blog.  If you are feelin what I'm saying then it's all love.  If not, fuck it!

It's just the internet for goodness sake

I might be the only Asian that doesn't get offended or mad whenever these viral videos crop up.  For some reason I don't have emotional reaction whatsoever to any of them, or at least to the ones I have seen.  I mean it's just some random guy on the internet.  How the hell am I supposed to react?  If I knew that guy in real life that might be a different story but I don't, so I don't care.  And plus, it's on the internet!  People say all kinds of shit on the internet all the time!

Now of course when people make these public videos saying crap against Asian people and it goes viral, there are bound to be some consequences as a result of it.  Not only will there be negative reaction (mostly by Asians themselves) on the internet and in the press, they might lose their job, they might get kicked out of school or might ostracized by society as a consequence of their video.  Or even worse scenario: some Asian mobsters who take the internet too seriously might be knocking on some doors.  Some people lose their lives for less than that!

Me personally, I can accept that some people just don't like Asian people.  I don't get why some people lose sleep just because somebody on the internet don't like Asians!  They have the right not like Asians.  Furthermore, I don't go purposely looking for these anti-Asian videos, blogs or websites either.  Where I draw the line is: don't say any derogatory shit directed at me or else we will have problems.

Asians that sensationalize anti-Asian media

I am so sick and tired of these Asian-themed blogs or Asian-American Youtube celebrities (if you can call them that) that are always on the lookout for these anti-Asian videos or anti-Asian news in the media and then they just blast it out whenever they find one like it's red alert.

Oh noes! The White man is out to get us again.  Let's all band together and fight the oppression.  Excuse me but - HA HA HA HA!  You guys are way too funny!  If that's your daily life narrative - that Asian people are always under attack by society and the media - then I honestly feel sorry for you.

There's an old Bible adage that says "Seek and ye shall find".  That old adage speaks the truth.  And that applies to all these Asian bloggers and Asian-American Youtubers that look for anti-Asian shit on a daily basis.  I mean, if you look and search hard enough on how Asians are always targeted by "the other", you will always find it!  If not, you will just make up some shit or give everything an anti-Asian spin.

You know those type of people who lack self-confidence and have social anxiety?  Tell them that the people walking down the street aren't making fun of them.  They won't believe it.  Why?  Because it's etched in their heads everyone is constantly judging them.  Oh look, that guy  just rolled his eyes, that means he thinks this and that about me!  It's the same fucking thing with these Asian bloggers and Asian-American Youtubers that thrive off this anti-Asian bullshit.  They just blow up things out of proportion. 

I'm not a fan of these stupid, overly-sensitive fuckers anyways.  Who the hell chose them to represent all of us?  Probably the readership and the Youtube subscribers that gravitate to this stupid shit.  And that's why I don't relate to half of you guys out there!

Asians can be just as racist too

Here's the meat of why I really don't give a flying fuck: it's because Asians can be just as racist too.  Yeah, you guys please take off your fake golden halos around your head.  Nobody is falling for that shit!  The same Asian people who write about the media and Americans being racist against Asians are the same people who turn a blind eye whenever Asians instigate racism.

Let's for starters, let's start off with intra-Asian racism.  There is a common phenomenon among Asian-Canadians and Asian-Americans that poke fun of and look down at FOBs or people that are "fresh off the boat" so to speak.

So what is the difference when some White girl says "Ching chong ling long ting tong" and some Asian guy ridicules and pokes fun of FOB accents?  Oh, that's right.  NOTHING.  Both are equally just as racist except that in the Asian-American media, there is less light being shed on Asian-Americans picking on FOBs and more light is being shed on the Whites picking on Asians.  Honourable mention goes to South Koreans vs North Koreans.

Then we have years and years of political baggage from our own individual histories as Asians.  Me as a Chinese, I have 5000 years of that!  LOL.  Political baggage is some real shit that goes on even today.  Some Asian nations have some real problems with their neighbours and it goes even deeper than some White girl saying "Ching chong ling long ting tong".

Some other Asians might hate Chinese people and consider them as the "Jews of Asia" (google it).  Or some Chinese people might look down on other Asians just because they have darker skin colour or it's because they are from "less civilized" countries or whatever else.

Some Asians might not like the Japanese because of what their histories said Imperial Japan did in WWII.  Even worse, some Japanese today still deny any allegations to this day and believe the other Asian countries are conspiring against them.  What I am saying is only the tip of the iceberg! I don't need to list out all the intra-Asian conflicts and racism but it goes on and on and on and on....

I'm not trying to justify intra-Asian racism, I'm just pointing out that it DOES EXIST and it goes even deeper than White America's racism against Asians.  But some Asians really LOVE to tap on that White guilt don't they?

And then you have Asians who are racist to people who are not of their own kind.  A prime example is go to Japan or Korea and you will find out there are places with signs that say "NO FOREIGNERS ALLOWED".  What in the fuck?  If that's not racist I don't know what is.

And what about non-Asians that go into Asian countries trying to make it into the entertainment there?  Asians in America talk all the time about being pigeon-holed into stereotypical roles, it's the same shit back in Asian countries but far, far worse!

Again, I don't need to list out all the things that Asians do or say to be racist to non-Asians, but I'm saying it does exist.  It is in the media in many Asian countries.  But sadly, many of these Asian-Americans don't acknowledge it because they have a bad case of double standards.  If you want to call my bluff, go ahead.  Make my day.

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