....I couldn't tell you because I really have no clue!

As of June 4th, 2013 there is no Asian rappers that I am really feeling.  (Well truthfully, it has been going on longer than that.)

Searching for good Asian rappers nowadays is like trying to find a needle in a haystack but you've been lied to because there was no needle in the haystack in the first place.

Yeah lol, that kinda sounds harsh, but hey, I'm just telling you how I see it.

Skill-wise, some rappers are getting better in their bars and their fanbases are growing.  They are getting more likes on Facebook and getting more hits on Youtube and getting more mass appeal but I can't say that I like any of their music.  It's not bad music, but something is missing....

I'm even talking about some of the Asian rappers that I really listened to back in the early 2000's that got me interested in documenting Asian hip hop in the first place.  They aren't making any hits no more.

In fact, I don't even follow hip hop as musical genre anymore.  I couldn't give a shit about who is beefing with whom.  It's so pro-wrestling to me, if you know what I mean.

I still bump to late 90's hip hop from time to time and some older Asian hip hop songs, but this new-fangled hip hop shit?  I'm not feeling it.

And I really doubt that I would change my mind on that in the future....
Heated argument on the MRT caught on camera "RACIST! RACIST!"
Welcome to the ugly side of Singapore.

Here we have an adult man (as pictured on the left, wearing the blue polo shirt) and a senior citizen arguing about a reserved seat in the MRT, which the adult man somehow turned the reserved seat issue into a 'racist' issue (WTF?), and then it ended up as a spitting match as the adult man left for his stop.

I don't know in the world this became racist issue as I think both the adult and old man are Chinese.

The adult man was supposed to give up his 'reserved seat', but he did not.  I guess that was what started the whole argument?

And why wasn't anyone there to try to calm down both parties who were getting louder and louder?  Everyone on the MRT were just stuck there, like a deer in the headlights. 

I can't believe the argument ended up as a spitting match.  What the hell, are these guys in kindergarten?  1st world people don't spit at others.

Ho ho ho ho!  Congratulations Singapore.  You may be a '1st world country' with world class infrastructure, but your citizens are..... something else.  Lol.

Watch the action unfold:

Ai weiwei beijing brawl
Ai Weiwei - the guy who likes to point out all the flaws of Chinese society to the world using his art - captured some crazy footage of a brawl that broke out and people were violently throwing chairs, and metal pipes at each other outside a restaurant in Beijing. 

It turns out that the projectile battle was between ethnic Tibetan street vendors and Chinese people who work in that restaurant.  It got really bloody as you can see some guy with a bloody face.

I don't know what sparked the fight in the first place but you can bet the Western media is going to have a field day with this knowing that one of the parties involved with this conflict are ethnic Tibetans.

Oh geeze and what else.  Look at the Beijing police officers and how they were handling the situation.  They don't even look like police.  They look like mall security guards.  In fact the police couldn't even control the situation between the two parties.  I thought China was supposed to be a totalitarian state or something but these police officers really suck.  They couldn't even keep the peace or stop the people from hurling bricks.  Quite embarrassing for the Beijing police....

Watch the video:

Here are some pictures of a cute girl from Guangxi province, China.  I think she's an ethnic minority.  Maybe she is ethnic Yao (瑶族) or ethnic Zhuang (壮族), I'm not too sure.  Whatever the case, she is super cute and a has natural beauty about her.  

Chinese female rapper Namigirl - Nleader
I have just watched the music video for NLEADER, the debut single of this new Chinese female rapper NAMIGIRLMy immediate thoughts were: what the fuck did I just watch?

I don't even know if I can even call this music. 

The "music" sounds so awkward and devoid of any feeling and it goes against the grain of anything human.  I wonder if NAMIGIRL truly has a soul deep inside her because she seems more like an robot powered by Artificial Intelligence.

She's just saying the most random shit that doesn't any make sense and the musical direction is all over the place.  It's a little bit of "hip hop", Kpop, electronica and - oh my god - horrible, horrible abuse of autotune that bled my ears to death.

And it looks like the label, Kingwang World has spent some serious guap on the music video.  And seriously, what the fuck were they smoking or sniffing?  The music video, like the song, also lacks any soul or feeling at all.

Not to mention this tool who was frontin in the entire music video....
ugly guy with pink hair
Why, in all that is holy, did you decide to wake up one morning and dye your hair pink?  Furthermore, did you really have to make worse for all of us by putting on that bright pink toque?

Somebody please pray for China...

CAUTION:  watch this music video at your own risk!  Asian Hip Hop Times cannot be held responsible for any loss of hearing or loss of sight.

girl anti-korean rally in Tsuruhashi
Video footage of a Japanese middle school student on a public street in Tsuruhashi ( the Koreatown of Osaka), screaming outbursts of anti-Korean hate speech and calling for a masscare of Koreans has gone viral in Youtube.

I'm all for free speech but.... seriously Japan?  This girl was making DEATH THREATS to Koreans living in Japan and the police in front of her didn't do shit?

Did she admit to the Nanking Massacre?

One thing that I couldn't believe at first was that she mentioned (admitted to?) the Nanking Massacre.  The English subtitles in the video translates the schoolgirl saying: "If they want to be that arrogant we will start Tsuruhashi massacre like Nanking massacre!"
girl anti-korean rally in Tsuruhashi
Her fellow anti-Korean ralliers said "YES!!!" in response to her death threats.  I guess they all know about the Nanking Massacre too?

I thought the Japanese popular belief was that the Chinese fabricated the whole Nanking Massacre.  But the way how the schoolgirl referenced it, it seems to me like she believes that the Nanking Massacre is a real event and a real Japanese war atrocity against the Chinese.

I guess the cat is now out of the bag.

Watch the video footage quick before it gets taken down again because of Youtube's policies against hate speech.

I went shopping a couple days ago at a local Asian supermarket here in Vancouver. 

When walking by the frozen goods section, something caught my eye.  So I stopped and took a picture of this (click on the pictures to enlarge them):
Here is another photo.
What I saw was a brand of frozen Chinese buns called "James Bun".  I guess it's a play on 007 James Bond?  But look at the obnoxious Asian-looking on the logo!  Look at his chinky eyes, his snouty nose and his buck teeth.

Oh noes!  What a horrible and gross misrepresentation of Asian people.  That is so racist!
Oh what?  This is a Taiwanese product and company behind this?  Well... shucks.  I don't know what to say anymore.  But I am still offended!  Boo hoo hoo hoo!  I'm telling on you to my Asian-American blogger and vlogger friends...
I have another rant today.  Today's rant will be about the conflicting messages by Asian-American bloggers and vloggers.

On one hand, these Asian-Americans are quick to point to all non-Asian peoples that, Asians are not all the same and that they come from different countries, they have different cultures and speak different languages etc.

On the other hand (and this is the really confusing part),  these same Asian-Americans LOVE to make sweeping generalizations (aka stereotypes) about Asians saying that Asian guys are like this and Asian girls are like that, we were brought up this way and that way and our parents have bad accents etc.

Oh but it's wrong for someone who's not Asian to generalize Asian people, but you being Asian are allowed generalize Asians?  So what they do is wrong and racist but if you do it it's either true or it's funny?  Get the fuck outta here!
So....from observing Asian hip hop over the years I can safely say that Asian rappers are more or less conforming to the already existing wide spectrum of hip hop music.  What they do is basically take a little bit of this style and that style and then mix them together make it into their own style.

The hip hop music Asians are making is nothing innovative nor are they trying to create a new culture.  They are basically cultural transmitters. 

Now that's not a bad thing.  It's just not that interesting to me to blog about it - which is ironic because the sole purpose of Asian Hip Hop Times is to document interesting Asian hip hop music.

Because hip hop music started originally as ethnic music, drawing largely from African-American culture and experience, I thought Asians would take some elements of hip hop and blend it with their own cultural heritage to spark an 'Asian Renaissance' so to speak.

So far, that's not happening.

To be honest, I started blogging about Asian hip hop because I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of hip hop music Asians would make. 

A secondary reason was because I was disenfranchised about mainstream hip hop music and I thought Asian hip hop would restore my hope in hip hop music.

I stopped drinking that kool-aid years ago because I thought it tasted like shit.  But little did I know, Asian rappers are still drinking that kool-aid and are also trying to serve it to me.  "Hey it's not the same kool-aid," they say.  "It's Asian kool-aid."
wang lee hom - getaran jiwa
Taiwanese pop star Wang Lee Hom recently performed in Genting Highlands in Malaysia.  To the excitement of the Malaysian audience, one of the songs that he performed was a cover of Getaran Jiwa, a smooth romantic song from the late Malaysian singer/actor P. Ramlee.