a.k.a VVish from Hong Kong, linked me his remix of Jin's Angels for Jin's Fill In The Beats Contest a while back.  In VVish's remix, the song has a soft piano melody and has a very subtle feel to it.  It's almost as if in VVish's version, you get a deeper sense of what frame of mind Jin was in when he was writing the lyrics of the song.  This version feels more authentic than the "original".   
Kane Money

Thai rapper Dandee collaborates with Japanese rapper Co-Ga in this song called Kane Money (meaning "the pursuit of riches"), produced by Day Diz.  The music video is directed by Aaron ManKane Money available for free download.  Also included, is the latest DJ Knox Billionaire Remix of Kane Money.
People's Future
People's Future: Gap, JedLi & Verb

From Manila, Philippines here's a hot single called On The Grind from the hip hop trio People's Future.  The song has a real jazzy feel it.  I found myself bumpin to the beat.  The song is from their Headlines Issue #1 album.
1-on-1? Fuck that! It's 7-ON-1, no duels....

These 7 Asians will be forever immortalized in the Asian WALL OF SHAME.  One of the guys, who was called "Chan" must have been too pissed-drunk that night because he thought that, out of all things, a roadside cone would offer him some protection against the black guy's aluminum bat.  A roadside cone vs aluminum bat?! Haha, gimme a break!  After he tossed it at the black guy, WHAM!! The Chan guy got clocked in the head with the bat.  The black guy also managed smack the other Asian guys with the aluminum bat before getting away in his car.

Watch the raw footage:
MoNa aka Sad Girl

aka Sad Girl is Japanese rapper/singer from Kyoto, Japan who raps in the Chicana style. If you guys didn't know, Chicano rap and Chicano lifestyle has quite a following in Japan.  Appearance-wise, MoNa pulls off a pretty authentic
Latina hoodrat-look, especially with her hair, eyebrows and lipstick.  I was expecting her to sound real hood and real ghetto but actually, MoNa has a very cute and soft flow.  Hmmm.. it must be the way how females are socialized in Japan.  Anyways, the song is called For Life featuring MK THE CiGAR and its from her soon-to-be-released Por Vida album coming out this month.
Thai - Bet I Bust Remix

Thai doing a remix of Bet I Bust from B.o.B..  Thai's flow is undeniable!  The track is from the 454 mixtape.  Pick it up from: http://454life-ent.com.
J. Moy - On My Way (feat. Kin Smuv)

J. Moy from Toronto, Canada (formerly known as Chinx) has got a new single about achieving greatness called On My Way featuring Kin Smuv on the hook.  I'm definitely feeling this one.  The song is from his upcoming Once Upon a Time in China solo project which will be released in mid-August. 
Jimmyboi - Million Dollar Dreams

JimmyBoi's new music video Million Dollar Dreams featuring Sean P and TDouble is a spoof of late-night infomercials that promise you riches if you follow their step-by-step plan.  This song to me sounds like filler music.  I've heard JimmyBoi come hard before but I'm not really feelin this one.  This is waaaaay too ghetto for me. However, if you like this one, you can download the MP3 for free.
Don't F*cking Tell Me What To Drink

It's confirmed. The Far East Movement can't stop rapping about alcohol.  Seems like every song they make is about drinking excessively.  This one called Don't F*cking Tell Me What To Drink.  Anybody want to guess what this song is about?  Just take a wild guess...c'mon...

Shanghai-based producer SunBiz hit me up a while back just to introduce himself and his grind.  He was originally born in Shanghai and raised in Vancouver, Canada.  Sunbiz been producing for over 9 years ever since he graduated from a production and engineering school in Burnaby where he learned about recording, music and production.  Since then he has been working with Vancouver's local artists and producers in various musical projects.  Just a few years ago Sunbiz relocated back in Shanghai to explore the music scene over there.

Sunbiz sent in 3 songs that he produced:  Humble in the Jungle (ft. Stace Prints), No Chinese (ft. Cha Cha), Main Squeeze (ft. Stagga Dagga).  They are all completely different sounding songs: the first one is a lyrical hip hop song with an early 90's vibe, the second song is a slow ballad with a haunting melody and the third song is a reggae track with one rapping verse.  Included are the press releases for each song.