Chuckie Akenz is back with a newly released track entitled I RememberThe song is another introspective type song that Chuckie is quite well-known for.  One thing I noticed is that the flow of the second to fourth lines in the 1st verse seems a little off. 

Music video and album will be dropping soon...

Lloyd Popp from Indonesia did this amazing talkbox remix of Nate Dogg's part in Ain't No Fun as a tribute to the late Nate Dogg.  He added some new things to the original beat to try to create a Zapp and Roger feel to it.  It's so funky!  If you know the lyrics to this old hip hop classic, feel free to sing along.... lol.

It has been nearly two years since Nate Dogg has left us but his music lives on.  Rest in peace.

Here's a menacing track called Take Money Boyz by Luc P featuring Fate and Hoodrich.  They are some local rappers from Vancouver.  "GTown" to be exact.  Man this shit go hard.  Luc P murdered the track.  He had a killer verse and did a killer hook. 

The only person I wasn't feelin on the track was Fate, the second guy on the track.  Something about his flow and the stuff he was talking about feels a little off.  Hoodrich on the other hand was quite decent but his verse was too short.


Get It Live is a fun song about letting loose and having fun in the clubs from a rapper named Fish Grease.  The club music nowadays is too superficial and egotistical.  We need more songs like this in hip hop! And by the way, Fish Grease is the younger brother of Keith Murray.

Gerry Scopez has just leaked Catch The RedEye from his upcoming RedEye Sessions project.  The production is tight, but I'm not so sure about the rapping and singing in this one.
Spot & Ess - Smile Through The Madness

Here's a new track from Spot & Ess (formerly known as D-City) called Smile Through The Maddness.  The beat, produced by Ess, makes me feel like doing evil
Thai - Alone Tonight

454 Life Entertainment dug out this song, Alone Tonight, from the vaults.  This is one of the first songs Thai did after signing with the label.  Thai did his thing in the song, no doubt.  The guy who sings the hook sounds like he's from the 80's. Haha.

This song is available in an MP3 download.  More exclusive tracks from Thai will be released in anticipation for his new album.

"And she's sippin on some red rum, red rum, rum...." 

A real smooth track from SonaOne.  This one is called RedRum, off the Kartel Records Made Men Compilation released last November. 
Chill - Filipina rapper

A brand new release from Chill, the "Queen of Filipino Hip Hop".  The song is entitled Flamethrower, produced by Sam Rhansum.  Her vocals doesn't come off that strong and her lyrics and flow are mediocre.
The Quiett - Back On The Beats Mixtape Vol.2

The Quiett leaked out a hot new track called Did It Again from his new mixtape: Back On The Beats Mixtape Vol.2.   Didn't know that mashin on piano keys could sound real sick!

Track listing for the mixtape after the jump.