I can't believe that........I'm finally jumping on the Agnes Monica bandwagon ha ha!

Seeing Agnes Monica performing Shake It Off  at the 2011 South East Asian Games Closing Ceremony has got to be one of the MOST EPIC performances I have seen.  

I love all the Indonesian references in the music, in the dance styles, and in the freaky looking Balinese masks in the giant LED screen in background.  I love it!  It's sooooo awesome!  Agnes Monica rocks!  She's gonna go big!

Namewee Indian Party
"WELCOME TO THE INDIAN PARTY!"  Lol.  This Indian Dance  song is from Namewee's latest movie Hantu Gangster.  It's quite a high energy and silly song that takes place in an Indian temple in Malaysia.

Yeah, this song is weird as hell because it throws in Chinese and Malay phrases and has Malays and Chinese dancing in this Indian song.  That IS how Malaysia though.  It is a multicultural country after all.  Malaysia Truly Asia! 

What a pity that the song length is less than 2 minutes!  It's so catchy!

For you guys who never had the pleasure of watching Georgian folk dances, you're in for a treat.

The Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili released a promotional video called Georgia Unforgettable Energy of Freedom showcasing the many different Georgian folk dances and costumes. 

I'm not exactly sure what it is mean by "freedom", whether refers to the free spirit of the dance or referring to Georgian independence after the breakup of the Soviet Union.  Anyhow I love the camera work and the traditional costumes and how they have kept traditional Georgian culture alive in a modern context.


A leaked dance rehearsal video of a modern style of Chinese fan dance has went viral on the Chinese internet.  The dance is by 七朵 or "Seven Sense", a new 7-member girl pop group from China.  All the group members are students from Shenzhen University.

The song being played is their latest single 咏春 or "Ode to Spring".  It combines pop music with traditional Chinese features such the erhu, guqin and the pentatonic scale.


Agnes Monica is one of the hottest female pop stars from Indonesia that's trying to crossover to the American pop charts.  Cute girl.  Here's one of her latest singles Paralyzed, released in 2011.  Not bad at all.  Not bad at all.  The girl can sing and dance.  Sounds a lot like American pop music with a slight Indonesian flavour. 

The name Sistar immediately brings to mind a person trying to pronounce the word "sister" but in a really bad FOB accent.  But that's the name of this new 4 member Korean female pop group that's trying to make it big.  They have leaked a video of a dance rehearsal of their new hit-single Push Push, which I think is on the Korean music charts now.  It sounds reminiscent from the likes of Cyndi Lauper with a touch of  bubblegum pop to it.  I'm not so much a fan of K-pop music myself, but these girls are my eye candy for the moment.
Dude, you got issues...
Oh.  And I would also like to draw your attention to the guy wearing the green shirt sitting on the wooden bleachers.  This guy was sitting in a really awkward prayerful position while watching the entire dance rehearsal.  What really disappointed me was that he never did pounce on any of the girls within reach.  He just kept "praying" or whatever it is he's doing.  Don't just sit there, you fool!  Your prayers have ALREADY been answered.


This is the dance performance that EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT!  Alex Wong and Twitch's hip hop dance to Lil Jon's Outta Your Mind in the reality-TV dance show So You Think You Can Dance.  WOW!!!  What a crazy dance!  The choreography looks hella difficult but Alex and Twitch both executed the dance FLAWLESSLY.  What's even more crazy is that Alex is actually a classically trained ballet dancer, and so hip hop is actually way out of his comfort zone.  But watching the performance, you couldn't tell.  Definitely watch this dance.