Nujabes - An Eternal Soul documentary

Fans of Nujabes rejoice! There is a documentary about the late Japanese hip hop producer currently the works called An Eternal Soul.  It's directed by Abe Spigel and will be out in late 2011.

Also the theme song of the documentary was released on YouTube.  It's a Nujabes-inspired track done by Japanese hip hop producer Ruto.

has got a new promotional documentary where he tells his life story and why he is pursuing hip hop music.  The documentary is a promotion for his soon-to-be released album For The People which took Mondega 3 years in the making.
Korean guy playing Starcraft....
Korean guy playing Starcraft....

South Korea has one of the most fastest and highly developed internet broadband connections in the world.  But that fast internet connection comes with a heavy price.  More and more people in Korea are becoming addicted to the internet and online gaming, spending hours and hours at internet cafes, neglecting their personal responsibilities.  Check out this documentary called Caught in the web by AlJazeera's 101 East which documents internet addiction in Korea.