Booker T revisits his most embarrassing moment: "Hulk Hogan!  We comin for you nigga!"  One of the funniest pro-wrestling bloopers ever.  Props to the interviewer who brought it up with Booker T after all these years!
Jay-Z on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose interviews Jay-Z in front of a live audience at the Brooklyn museum.  The interview was taped on November 18th.  Part 2 of the interview coming soon.

Watch it here.

Hip hop journalist and activist Davey D catches up with Bambu and they talk about Filipinos in hip hop and his personal experience in gang life in LA.  Bambu says he does gangsta rap, but he shows "the other side" of it.  He and fellow Native Guns member Kiwi were from enemy gangs!

Bambu here talks about the message behind his latest music video, The Queen is Dead.  Bambu says the song was inspired by one of his 'mentors' who was discovered cheating on his wife.  He says some men use the word "queen" too loosely when referring to their women but then turn around and ironically mistreat their own "queens".

Bambu - The Queen is Dead MV: