wang lee hom - getaran jiwa
Taiwanese pop star Wang Lee Hom recently performed in Genting Highlands in Malaysia.  To the excitement of the Malaysian audience, one of the songs that he performed was a cover of Getaran Jiwa, a smooth romantic song from the late Malaysian singer/actor P. Ramlee.

Moranbong Band singing Go Study
Got this link sent to me by someone.  It's an all-female quintet from North Korea's Moranbong Band singing Go Study... or at least that is what the Chinese lyric translation says.  My Chinese is not too good, but some of the translated Chinese lyrics says something like "go study for the sake of our country".

The music sounds like 1980's Soviet music mixed with old-school Korean feel.  But I like it.  It's quite lively.  The girls performed well.

I can't believe that........I'm finally jumping on the Agnes Monica bandwagon ha ha!

Seeing Agnes Monica performing Shake It Off  at the 2011 South East Asian Games Closing Ceremony has got to be one of the MOST EPIC performances I have seen.  

I love all the Indonesian references in the music, in the dance styles, and in the freaky looking Balinese masks in the giant LED screen in background.  I love it!  It's sooooo awesome!  Agnes Monica rocks!  She's gonna go big!

This is Zhang Wei (張瑋) from Inner Mongolia singing High歌 (which means "High Song") for The Voice of China singing competition.  The song is so funky!  Zhang Wei  sung it waaaaaaay better than the original singer.  He truly rocked the whole crowd!

The funny thing after Zhang Wei's performance was that the judges were saying they couldn't believe it was a male singing.  One of them believed at first it was a girl singing.  Ha ha!

18 year-old Jaik Berg from the Cook Islands singing his island love song My Oh My live in Melbourne, Australia. 

He's got a lot of soul for a young guy.  He sounds a lot like a male reincarnated version of Billie Hollidae.  The song is pretty catchy too.  Sounds like Starbucks music hehe.

J. Moy in concert

J. Moy and Keeno performing Life Time on WOWtv's 歡樂金宵 (some of Chinese talk show or talent show based in Toronto).  They both killed it!  Keeno's singing reminds me a bit of Sisqo (from Dru Hill).  There's a brief interview after the performance. 

Be sure to skip the video to 1:25.  That's when J. Moy and Keeno actually get on stage.  Don't say I didn't warn you! Ha ha!
Young Kin

Beijing rapper YK (Young Kin) paying homage to New York hip hop legends by freestyling in Chinese over instrumentals from Nas, Jay-Z and Biggie.

I got the word from xfacta that YK will be droppin a music video with Illuminaire Status by the end of this month...

Hong Kong rapper TFP (which stands for "The Fabulous P") does a webcam performance of his song Angel, over the instrumental from Destiny Child's Soldier.

This is clip of Sbazzo performing live in Beijing, China.  Sbazzo is one half of Beijing's most popular hip duo, Yin Ts'ang.  I think I see Grand Master Chu acting as the hype man!
Manifest in Arirang Radio
throwin up the V.A.

Korean-American Manifest performs some live raps in Arirang Radio in Korea.  Trust, you will be moved by his rhymes. The female DJ was totally blown away!!!