XL Middleton - The Hedonistic Mixtape

Been bumpin to XL Middleton's The Hedonistic Mixtape for a while now.  I love it!!!!  Definitely cop it and give it a listen.  The Hedonistic Album coming real soon this summer.
Beijing rapper Young Kin dropped a 9-track 等待回程 (Waiting to Return) mixtape with Illuminare.
YK 等待回程 front
Dru B Shinin' from Fort Worth, Texas got a real cool 8 track EP called The Admission One that he released in November last year.  The album is about personal content and rapping over live band instrumentals.  This IS quality music.  I definitely fucks with this!
Dru B Shinnin - The Admission One EP Cover
_Grand Master Chu has released his debut 22 track solo project entitled: Yung Monk: The Mixtape.  One of the highlights from the mixtape is Track 17 Trapped In My Mind featuring Vancouver Scopez.  Its a very cool lyrical and laid-back track.  One major flaw about the mixtape is that Grand Master's vocals is that doesn't come out very strong.  It sounds like he's whispering in many his tracks and many of the instrumentals actually drown out his vocals. 
Grand Master Chu - Yung Monk The Mixtape
Cable Car Stars - Somewhere Over The Bridge

One of the members from Cable Car Stars (from Hercules, California) hit me up earlier this week about their newly released free album Somewhere Over The Bridge.  The album has a laid-back youthful California sound.  Very chill.
Asian-American rappers Inglish, Grandmaster Chu and D-One formed a group together called Model Minority.  Here is their latest mixtape release: The Model Minority Report.
Model Minority - The Model Minority Report 1
Tuna Spaghetti is a mixtape release from Malaysian rapper SonaOne.  This guy is one of the most talked about rappers from the Malaysian hip hop scene as of late.  His quirky rapping style reminds me of Dumbfoundead's.  There's an interesting remix of Like A G6 with a modified beat called Flyer Than a G6 worth checking out.
SonaOne - Tuna Spaghetti mixtape 1
It's that time again! Here is the Asian Hip Hop Connect Vol. 2 Mixtape, released by Asian Hip Hop Times.  The purpose of this mixtape is to showcase a broad spectrum of Asian hip hop artists and their music and then putting it all in a single collection.  Shout outs to all of the artists who took part in making this mixtape!
Asian Hip Hop Connect - 1
Madshock's blog Rapista, which promotes Philippine underground hip hop, has launched its first ever compilation mixtape called Rapista Mixtape Volume One: Ang Paglabas ng Lakan (Series 2010).
Rapista Mixtape Volume One: Ang Paglabas ng Lakan (Series 2010) 1
Kevin Lester - Let's Talk about Kevin Lester album

Singaporean rapper Kevin Lester has dropped his debut album Let's Talk about Kevin Lester.  What a troll title, lol.  I gave the album a quick listen and it sounds just as psychedelic as the album cover looks.