Chinese female rapper Namigirl - Nleader
I have just watched the music video for NLEADER, the debut single of this new Chinese female rapper NAMIGIRLMy immediate thoughts were: what the fuck did I just watch?

I don't even know if I can even call this music. 

The "music" sounds so awkward and devoid of any feeling and it goes against the grain of anything human.  I wonder if NAMIGIRL truly has a soul deep inside her because she seems more like an robot powered by Artificial Intelligence.

She's just saying the most random shit that doesn't any make sense and the musical direction is all over the place.  It's a little bit of "hip hop", Kpop, electronica and - oh my god - horrible, horrible abuse of autotune that bled my ears to death.

And it looks like the label, Kingwang World has spent some serious guap on the music video.  And seriously, what the fuck were they smoking or sniffing?  The music video, like the song, also lacks any soul or feeling at all.

Not to mention this tool who was frontin in the entire music video....
ugly guy with pink hair
Why, in all that is holy, did you decide to wake up one morning and dye your hair pink?  Furthermore, did you really have to make worse for all of us by putting on that bright pink toque?

Somebody please pray for China...

CAUTION:  watch this music video at your own risk!  Asian Hip Hop Times cannot be held responsible for any loss of hearing or loss of sight.

After years and years in this rap game, Raekwon shows other emcees that he can still can make good music amidst all the nonsense from the mainstream.  Peep his new joint called 86 featuring AZ and Altrina Renee. It's got that 90's feel to it.  I know you all true hip hop heads out there love this as much as I do!!!!!!!

According to 86 samples Mtume's You Are My Sunshine.

HIRO from Almaty, Kazakhstan has just released a new music video for his song Вверх (Vverh). 

Although I don't understand Russian too much, he's got a pretty good flow.  The beat is a bit weird, it sounds like it's sampled from industrial sounds or something but it fits the mood of the music video.  The visuals and the camera work are quite impressive. 

Younger viewers (post 1990) might enjoy this music video more than I do since I'm from a different generation.  But nevertheless, very good overall production.  Would like to see more from HIRO.


These two kids, SAiNT and Flashkid Summary, from Hong Kong made this music video called Crossover.  They have ruined what could have been a really great idea, having a Filipino and a Hong Kong guy rapping together on a track.  Yeah, but this song really sucks.  The guy on the right in right looks like some sort of Hong Kong pop idol or K-pop boy band wannabe.  He represents everything that I don't understand about Hong Kong pop culture with his weird hair and clothes.

NZ, from the Mongolian hip hop crew Street Man dropped a dope video called CYA.  The production combines traditional Mongolian elements infused with hip hop.  The result is a very distinct sound.  Not to mention, NZ's flow is vicious!

A new hip hop anthem for Indonesia. Produced by NSG (The guy in the bear costume).

Indonesia will host this year's Southeast Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang. 

I'm really feelin this song: Last Hope by DMX.  It was released after he was released from jail.  You can hear the pain and the struggles in his voice.  DMX is truly the voice of the hood!

Get It Live is a fun song about letting loose and having fun in the clubs from a rapper named Fish Grease.  The club music nowadays is too superficial and egotistical.  We need more songs like this in hip hop! And by the way, Fish Grease is the younger brother of Keith Murray.
Emmalyn - My My My Feat. Spot & Ess MV

Just released.  Emmalyn Estrada featuring Spot & Ess in their Motown-inspired track entitled My My My.  Another solid track from Spot & Ess.  These boys are a real good look for Vancouver hip hop.
Kebee & Soul Company

Really feelin the vibe of this cypher-style song and they all goin IN on this one!  It's from boys from Soul Company, an underground Korean hip hop label.  The song is called The Gift and it's from the The Amazing Mixtape that was released last May.

The first guy on the mic is Kebee, one of the founders of the label.  He's pretty sick.