Humble The Poet - 00.03 Mixtape

The new 00.03 mixtape, from Toronto Punjabi emcee Humble the Poet (you might wanna re-read this name again), is out.  His style is socially conscious hip hop mixed with spoken word.
Bugoy na Koykoy - Cant We All Just Get A Bong

Nice chill track from Bugoy na Koykoy from The Philippines called Cant We All Just Get A BongLots of Filipino munchies in the music video...
Verbal Jint Feat. G.NA - 약속해 약속해 (Promise Promise)
Looks like she's about to eat that mic...

Korean underground emcee Verbal Jint is out with a new cutesy lovey-dovey music video with G.Na called 약속해 약속해 (Promise Promise).  The song is off Verbal Jint's EP go simple 0.5  that dropped earlier this month. 

And hey, what do you know?  G.Na is also from Vancouver (Surrey, BC to be exact). Will add her to the Vancouver diaspora list.
The Scale Breakers - Small Town Talent

Guy Woods and Subway from The Scale Breakers put their hometowns of Sooke, BC and Brooks, AB on the map in this song Small Town Talent.  This is remixed version by Stuey Kubrick who also did the visuals for the music video.  I thought at first this would be a wigger-type song, but this is a pretty stand up song with substance.  Took me by surprise.  It gets a thumbs up from me.
Thaitanium - Mahanakorn

Thaitanium putting it down for Bangkok in their song มหานคร (Mahanakhon).  The song sounds largely inspired by Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind with some interesting additives like bells and high pitched voicesThe hook is sung by the lead singer of Da Endorphine, one of my favourite Thai bands.  BKK, what up!!!!!!
Tony Loko - The Game So Lonely

Check out this G-Funk style song The Game So Lonely by two Florida cats: Tony Loko and Big Loso.  I can't help but think that Tony Loko's voice sounds a bit like Game's with a different flow and that Big Loso looks just like Suge Knight in blue.  Regardless of the aforementioned, I think this song is nice!
Edison Chen - Man In The Mirror

This is Edison Chen's new introspective music video. Man In The Mirror, produced by French producer Busy P from Ed Banger.  Sounds like Edison is rapping over some Depeche Mode ish.  It's cool of him to try something new even though his rap flow in Chinese really blows.
Ski Beatz - 24 Hour Karate School Japan

Ski Beatz, who produced hip hop classics just as Jay-Z's Dead Presidents, Camp Lo's Luchini and Fat Joe's John Blaze, has produced a KILLER BEAT called 24 Bars To Kill.  The official version of the song features Anarchy, Rino Latina II, & Maccho and it became a bit hit in Japan since its release.  In the past month or so, many rappers from Japan's hip hop scene have made their own remixes of 24 Bars To Kill.

Pick up the single and instrumental from itunes.
Jin Hackman - Selamba

This is Jin Hackman's music video Selamba with Schizzow and Yuriz Joe, produced by DJ Fuzz.  The song is about daily life in Malaysia.
Blue Scholars - Coffee and Snow 2

It's snowy weather again in Seattle (and Vancouver too, for that matter... brrrrr...cold)!  Hip hop duo Blue Scholars just dropped this new joint called Coffee and Snow 2 which is the sequel to their original Coffee and Snow

You can download this single (dirty, clean, & instrumental versions) on bandcamp for $1.