Wowzers!  Yet another fine specimen from the land of Mongolia!  This is Battsetseg Turbat who is Miss Earth Mongolia 2012.  She is also a professional model.

Some gorgeous Mongolian cover girls from the Mongolian edition of Cosmopolitan.  Notice how their style, compared to most Chinese or Korean girls, doesn't emphasize on dolly cuteness or eye-enlargers (lol).  Mongol girls prefer to present themselves as sexy, mature and confident.

This song by Qu Wanting ((曲婉婷) currently on repeat on my playlist.  I know, I know.  It's a cheesy Chinese love song.  There are thousands of slow lovey dovey Chinese and they all sound the same.  But somehow the melody of this song really got to me.

Qu Wanting is originally from Harbin, China but now is based in Vancouver since studying there.


Brand new music video from Kazakh female group Tequila.  Its one of those radio-friendly pop songs for the masses.  The song is not my cup of tea but damn --  both are girls banging.  They are definitely pushing the boundaries of Kazakhstan's pop music.

The video concept  is about two sexy Kazakh girls strutting their stuff and bewitching every guy they pass by.  The scene with guy and the water hose at the 2 minute mark is hilarious!


Sonam Pachey was one of the contestants from the Femina Miss India 2012 contest that immediately caught my eye.  Sonam stuck out to me not only because she's very beautiful, but because she didn't quite fit the mold of what I thought "Indian girls" look like. 

Come to find out, Sonam is actually Sikkimese.  She was born in Sikkim, which is a small region in Northeast India which borders both Bhutan and Tibet.

Sonam ended up as one of the top ten finalists in the Femina Miss India contest.  She also won the titles of Miss Beautiful Lips 2012 and Miss Beautiful Hair 2012.


A leaked dance rehearsal video of a modern style of Chinese fan dance has went viral on the Chinese internet.  The dance is by 七朵 or "Seven Sense", a new 7-member girl pop group from China.  All the group members are students from Shenzhen University.

The song being played is their latest single 咏春 or "Ode to Spring".  It combines pop music with traditional Chinese features such the erhu, guqin and the pentatonic scale.


Agnes Monica is one of the hottest female pop stars from Indonesia that's trying to crossover to the American pop charts.  Cute girl.  Here's one of her latest singles Paralyzed, released in 2011.  Not bad at all.  Not bad at all.  The girl can sing and dance.  Sounds a lot like American pop music with a slight Indonesian flavour. 

ashleyslips a.k.a. Petra Mahalimuyak teaches you 5 ways to dance in a club.  A stupid, but yet very entertaining video.
Took some photos of some great vinyl album covers while browsing through some vinyls in a local shop in Vancouver.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.
John Philip Sousa Marches
The inspiration for Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl?  Her knee is so high up you can see her knickers.

Emmalyn - My My My Feat. Spot & Ess MV

Just released.  Emmalyn Estrada featuring Spot & Ess in their Motown-inspired track entitled My My My.  Another solid track from Spot & Ess.  These boys are a real good look for Vancouver hip hop.