Heated argument on the MRT caught on camera "RACIST! RACIST!"
Welcome to the ugly side of Singapore.

Here we have an adult man (as pictured on the left, wearing the blue polo shirt) and a senior citizen arguing about a reserved seat in the MRT, which the adult man somehow turned the reserved seat issue into a 'racist' issue (WTF?), and then it ended up as a spitting match as the adult man left for his stop.

I don't know in the world this became racist issue as I think both the adult and old man are Chinese.

The adult man was supposed to give up his 'reserved seat', but he did not.  I guess that was what started the whole argument?

And why wasn't anyone there to try to calm down both parties who were getting louder and louder?  Everyone on the MRT were just stuck there, like a deer in the headlights. 

I can't believe the argument ended up as a spitting match.  What the hell, are these guys in kindergarten?  1st world people don't spit at others.

Ho ho ho ho!  Congratulations Singapore.  You may be a '1st world country' with world class infrastructure, but your citizens are..... something else.  Lol.

Watch the action unfold:

Chinese female rapper Namigirl - Nleader
I have just watched the music video for NLEADER, the debut single of this new Chinese female rapper NAMIGIRLMy immediate thoughts were: what the fuck did I just watch?

I don't even know if I can even call this music. 

The "music" sounds so awkward and devoid of any feeling and it goes against the grain of anything human.  I wonder if NAMIGIRL truly has a soul deep inside her because she seems more like an robot powered by Artificial Intelligence.

She's just saying the most random shit that doesn't any make sense and the musical direction is all over the place.  It's a little bit of "hip hop", Kpop, electronica and - oh my god - horrible, horrible abuse of autotune that bled my ears to death.

And it looks like the label, Kingwang World has spent some serious guap on the music video.  And seriously, what the fuck were they smoking or sniffing?  The music video, like the song, also lacks any soul or feeling at all.

Not to mention this tool who was frontin in the entire music video....
ugly guy with pink hair
Why, in all that is holy, did you decide to wake up one morning and dye your hair pink?  Furthermore, did you really have to make worse for all of us by putting on that bright pink toque?

Somebody please pray for China...

CAUTION:  watch this music video at your own risk!  Asian Hip Hop Times cannot be held responsible for any loss of hearing or loss of sight.

I went shopping a couple days ago at a local Asian supermarket here in Vancouver. 

When walking by the frozen goods section, something caught my eye.  So I stopped and took a picture of this (click on the pictures to enlarge them):
Here is another photo.
What I saw was a brand of frozen Chinese buns called "James Bun".  I guess it's a play on 007 James Bond?  But look at the obnoxious Asian-looking on the logo!  Look at his chinky eyes, his snouty nose and his buck teeth.

Oh noes!  What a horrible and gross misrepresentation of Asian people.  That is so racist!
Oh what?  This is a Taiwanese product and company behind this?  Well... shucks.  I don't know what to say anymore.  But I am still offended!  Boo hoo hoo hoo!  I'm telling on you to my Asian-American blogger and vlogger friends...
I just watched this Dutch produced short clip entitled Temptation for Jesus in Korea

It's about Pastor Nam Yon Seok from Seoul Lang church who thinks it's kosher to use Korean gunpang cookies and potholders as tools for evangelism.

Handing out cookies with church flyers inside the package to people on the street, even to unsuspecting children who are just eyeing for sugary treats, seems like a nice gesture to let everyone know about the church and it seems relatively harmless.  But going door-to-door giving out potholders as a guise for evangelism is kind of creepy.

Heck, this was what even Pastor Nam said about his style of door-to-door style evangelism:
When they open the door and accept our gifts, we will continue to visit them.  Till they believe in Jesus....Do you visit our church regularly?  Yes?  Then we let them alone.
This is really like guerrilla evangelism.  It's like surprise!   Here's a free potholder for you.  Now you listen to me about our church.  We won't stop until you join our church lol.

The female pastor is so crazy.  Notice how at 3:30 mark of the video she approaches from the side of the door entrance so that even before the door opens totally, she can immediately get her foot in the door to give out the free potholder to the unsuspecting person behind the door.

Is this kosher evangelism?  I don't know.  I don't think there are any Bible verses against this.  Not to my knowledge at least.  But it's definitely weird.


Singaporeanized Japanese girl
I'm posting this for the haha or WTF factor. 

23 year old Yuki looks like your typical ordinary Japanese girl who is quite pretty.

I couldn't even tell that she' a local Singaporean.  If she kept her lips sealed I would have thought she was a Japanese girl from Japan.  But once she opened her mouth and started to talk, the cat was out of the bag and all the Singlish accent came pouring out lol.

This blog post is decided to all you innocent boys and girls out there with pure hearts of gold and who have dreams to become a Kpop star.

See that picture above?  Read the subtitle.  That's exactly what this creepy judge from the K-Pop Star Hunt reality show said in English after picking a certain Taiwanese boy to go to the next round.

The full quote:
The boy, he's very cute, and he's very, very potential to exploit him...to make him into another star quality in the future.
Yeah...no shit!  The judge said it flat out.  You will be exploited.  How much more obvious can he be?  That's what will happen to you if you ever decide to become a Kpop star.  The whole Kpop music industry is corrupt.  Don't worry if your skin is too dark or if you don't look Korean enough.  Just run while you can.  Lolz.


Namewee Indian Party
"WELCOME TO THE INDIAN PARTY!"  Lol.  This Indian Dance  song is from Namewee's latest movie Hantu Gangster.  It's quite a high energy and silly song that takes place in an Indian temple in Malaysia.

Yeah, this song is weird as hell because it throws in Chinese and Malay phrases and has Malays and Chinese dancing in this Indian song.  That IS how Malaysia though.  It is a multicultural country after all.  Malaysia Truly Asia! 

What a pity that the song length is less than 2 minutes!  It's so catchy!


While on the commute to work yesterday I managed to snag this photo of a Korean ajumma (old auntie) wearing a lamp shade of a hat, all poised and with her arms crossed.   

I guess the lesson that we can all draw from this photo is that we can never underestimate what lengths some women would go to preserve their beautiful white skin -- even as far as wearing a lamp shade on their head.
So Diablo III is the now latest virtual crack that has got all the computer nerds hooked, replacing World of Warcraft or whatever the heck was the the cause of their social demise before DIII.  The game is so popular that one of the teachers from Singapore's Tamasek Polytechnic decided to feature a 15-mark exam question about two wizards casting the "Disintegrate spell" on Diablo.  What kind of nerdy-ass shit is this?!

These two kids, SAiNT and Flashkid Summary, from Hong Kong made this music video called Crossover.  They have ruined what could have been a really great idea, having a Filipino and a Hong Kong guy rapping together on a track.  Yeah, but this song really sucks.  The guy on the right in right looks like some sort of Hong Kong pop idol or K-pop boy band wannabe.  He represents everything that I don't understand about Hong Kong pop culture with his weird hair and clothes.