Bay Area hip hop artists Chariz (from Go Bigg Music Group) and Mike-Dash-E from (SMG 3rd World Hustle) collaborate together for this free mixtape release called The Funeral.  Included is a music video from the mixtape called Baby What You Drinkin and a trailer for an upcoming music video A Couple Racks, both directed by Darryl Gatan.
Track Listing:

1) The Funeral
2) Baby What You Drinkin Ft. Doj
03) On It
04) Black Rose Petals
05) Where The Money Be
06) Kill That Thang
07) Buried Alive Ft. Heem
08) Careless Whisper
09) Cuff Yo Chick
10) Wake Up
11) My Life

DOWNLOAD: Chariz & Mike-Dash-E - The Funeral

Directed by: Darryl Gatan

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