Chuckie Akenz is back with a newly released track entitled I RememberThe song is another introspective type song that Chuckie is quite well-known for.  One thing I noticed is that the flow of the second to fourth lines in the 1st verse seems a little off. 

Music video and album will be dropping soon...

I Remember lyrics:
to say i wasn't hiphop little homie thats an insult/
i been in this game so deep i know its in's outs/
as a young chin yes, made ton'sa mistakes yes/
you could see it in my face, this life was so depressed/
what could i do? i learned this path as i grew/
little chin so twisted in the dreams i pursued/
mis matched but i flew, in the ways that i knew/
heart of gold deep inside but made the choices of a fool/
so angry at the world but kept my heart still intact/
at the end of the day knew i was never going back/
to those dirty stair cases, days im so wasted/
hustled on the block for j's and shoelaces/
for quick girls and nights, that never seemed to last/
for the parties always stopped and life was back to fast/
you can hide for the moment, but inside you'll always know it/
who you are will always be so don't be scared to show it/

cuz I remember yeah

I remember it

i miss the chilling with the crew, until we drunk into the morning/
the bars were always open and the shots that kept on pouring/
i was young i was dumb see i thought i knew the world/
quick to smash a bottle on your head for looking at my girl/
or for dissing on my brothers, if you with us then you love us/
shortest chin in the crew but had respect by the dozens/
on the block like a street star living through the moon light/
blunt after blunt we sparked until our dudes right/
use to duck the jacke-oh when they rolling undercover/
use to get my head wet from hoes with out no rubber/
in the triple 9, ghetto life living it for really/
while these fake dudes wait in line just to see it clearly/
but with joys come the bullshit, cuz nothing is forever/
friends end up enemies, changing like the weather/
we all come and go, free the ones we haven't seen/
rest in peace to the ones that'll only see us in our dreams/

cuz I remember yeah
I remember it
Duc KK
03/02/2013 6:35pm

I remember the days when Chuckie wanted to represent the streets.

03/08/2013 3:09pm


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