Dru B Shinin' from Fort Worth, Texas got a real cool 8 track EP called The Admission One that he released in November last year.  The album is about personal content and rapping over live band instrumentals.  This IS quality music.  I definitely fucks with this!
Dru B Shinnin - The Admission One EP Cover
Dru B Shinnin - The Admission One EP Back


Act 1 : (Lace My Strings, Descending, Let It Go, Out Of My Mind)

Act 2 : Summertime Rain, Spread My Wings, With Love, __, The Final Lap

(I can't help but think dude looks like a young Korean version of Don Corleone.  It must be the mustache....)

Track listing:

01 Lace My Strings
02 Descending
03 Let It Go
04 Out Of My Mind
05 Summertime Rain
06 Spread My Wings
07 With Love, ___
08 The Final Lap

dru b
6/1/2011 15:16:05

thanks fam!!!


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