Here's a menacing track called Take Money Boyz by Luc P featuring Fate and Hoodrich.  They are some local rappers from Vancouver.  "GTown" to be exact.  Man this shit go hard.  Luc P murdered the track.  He had a killer verse and did a killer hook. 

The only person I wasn't feelin on the track was Fate, the second guy on the track.  Something about his flow and the stuff he was talking about feels a little off.  Hoodrich on the other hand was quite decent but his verse was too short.
02/04/2013 5:56pm

HipHop recording sensation Provy Suflayy released his first single off his upcoming album.

‘A Star Burnin Brite’ features Zealand’s “best kept secret” kiwi artist, Rachel Schryvers.

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Check out the music video now on youtube!!


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