Look at this beautiful kebaya that this girl is wearing.  The kebaya is a very sensual and elegant traditional Indonesian dress.  It's probably my favourite traditional Asian dress of all time.  The Indonesian girl is very pretty too.  She's got a fine petite body.
Chuckie Akenz is back with a newly released track entitled I RememberThe song is another introspective type song that Chuckie is quite well-known for.  One thing I noticed is that the flow of the second to fourth lines in the 1st verse seems a little off. 

Music video and album will be dropping soon...

HIRO from Almaty, Kazakhstan has just released a new music video for his song Вверх (Vverh). 

Although I don't understand Russian too much, he's got a pretty good flow.  The beat is a bit weird, it sounds like it's sampled from industrial sounds or something but it fits the mood of the music video.  The visuals and the camera work are quite impressive. 

Younger viewers (post 1990) might enjoy this music video more than I do since I'm from a different generation.  But nevertheless, very good overall production.  Would like to see more from HIRO.

Lloyd Popp from Indonesia did this amazing talkbox remix of Nate Dogg's part in Ain't No Fun as a tribute to the late Nate Dogg.  He added some new things to the original beat to try to create a Zapp and Roger feel to it.  It's so funky!  If you know the lyrics to this old hip hop classic, feel free to sing along.... lol.

It has been nearly two years since Nate Dogg has left us but his music lives on.  Rest in peace.

Singapore Kane
There is a rapper from Boston named Singapore Kane who has grossly misrepresented Singapore on one of his mixtape album covers. 

First off, about this name.  Singapore Kane is like one of those names like Saigon (the rapper) where the name or what he represents bears no actual connection to the city.

His name is actually a clever play on Singapore's judicial caning and that reflects on how he wants to be perceived lyrically.  I must admit that's a very cool name.  It just took me a while to get it.  To me, it was just the "K" in "Kane" that just threw me off.  I was thinking Citizen Kane or Kane, the WWE wrestler.

Here is how Singapore Kane got his name, in his own words:
They call me Singapore Kane because lyrically I whoop ass. When it comes to lyrics, I don’t play. I was actually battling a cousin of mine and I said a line like yo you just got Singapore Kaned. Afterwards it just stuck and became my name and people were saying yo that Singapore Kane dude is nice.
Now about let's talk about the mixtape album cover which says welcome to singapore.  Obviously that mixtape cover was meant to grab your attention or make a statement.
The picture in the mixtape cover is actually a very famous picture taken IN VIETNAM during the Vietnam War.

It's a picture of General Nguyen Ngoc Loan shooting a Vietcong officer.  What does it have to do with Singapore?  Nadda.  Nothing!  They are two separate countries.  Singapore and Vietnam aren't even next to each other!
Do you see how far apart Singapore and Vietnam are?

And for the record, Singapore is actually one of the safest countries in the world.  There are no ghettos or hoods in Singapore.  Violent crimes are quite rare in Singapore, so I don't know what the hell is this Singapore Kane trying to say with this "welcome to Singapore" title.

I'm not just putting Singapore Kane out on blast for his mixtape cover.  There might be a deeper side to this story.  The reason why I'm writing about Singapore Kane's mixtape cover is because there may be a second culprit in this.  And it just MIGHT be Snacky Chan out of all people.
What does this mixtape cover got to do with Snacky Chan?  Well Singapore Kane was signed to Snacky Chan's Dynasty Muzik label when Snacky Chan was doing his thing in the States.  And so whoever releases anything under the label, it must be approved by the head honcho right?

Snacky Chan, at least back then (not sure about now), was seen as one of the more socially and politically conscious Asian American emcees.  Furthermore Snacky Chan tried to represent Asians in a more positive light and fight back against negative Asian stereotypes.

And so if Snacky Chan was the guy who gave the green light for Singapore Kane's mixtape cover and if he doesn't know the difference between Vietnam and Singpore then.... I really don't know what to say. 
A token black guy
A token black guy
I really need to call out something here. 

Whenever a non-black rapper is trying to come up in the rap game, you can bet that he (sometimes she) has employed the use of token black guys in at least one of his music videos.

What do I mean by token black guys?  Token black guys are black guys who serve the specific purpose to legitimize the non-black rapper's raps.  They do this by simply bumping their head to the music or at the very least lend their "black presence" by just standing there in the music video.

Obviously the subconscious message that the non-black rapper is trying to send out is "see that black guy over there?  He's black and he approves of my music."

Haha.  It's funny because it's true.  Almost all non-black rappers are guilty of this crime!

The only non-black rappers that don't need token black guys in their music videos are probably Latino rappers, specifically Mexican or Chicano rappers from California.  That's because they got their own hip hop style and are pretty confident about it and don't really need the black man's approval.

Sultan by Asylbek Ensespov is a music video which tells the story of a Russian ice queen.  Many of her potential suitors tried in vain to win her heart.  Only the Kazakh man (played by Ensespov) who has traveled far and wide on his horse wins the heart of a Russian ice queen by the means of his enchanted dombra which was given to him by a magical shaman.

There's some very interesting Russian and Arabian fantasy elements in the music video too.

While taking a stroll down Granville St. on a Friday night I saw bunch of drunk girls stumbling about outside the clubs.  One of the girls was puking really hard.

Man, did those girls look ugly and trashy. 

I never understood why guys whenever they are in the clubs or in a bar setting want to get girls drunk.  I mean, the alcohol is obviously used to bypass her defenses right?  But when a girl is really drunk, her face looks fucked up!  And guys still want to hit that?


Drunk is seriously not a good look on girls.  Period.
I just watched this Dutch produced short clip entitled Temptation for Jesus in Korea

It's about Pastor Nam Yon Seok from Seoul Lang church who thinks it's kosher to use Korean gunpang cookies and potholders as tools for evangelism.

Handing out cookies with church flyers inside the package to people on the street, even to unsuspecting children who are just eyeing for sugary treats, seems like a nice gesture to let everyone know about the church and it seems relatively harmless.  But going door-to-door giving out potholders as a guise for evangelism is kind of creepy.

Heck, this was what even Pastor Nam said about his style of door-to-door style evangelism:
When they open the door and accept our gifts, we will continue to visit them.  Till they believe in Jesus....Do you visit our church regularly?  Yes?  Then we let them alone.
This is really like guerrilla evangelism.  It's like surprise!   Here's a free potholder for you.  Now you listen to me about our church.  We won't stop until you join our church lol.

The female pastor is so crazy.  Notice how at 3:30 mark of the video she approaches from the side of the door entrance so that even before the door opens totally, she can immediately get her foot in the door to give out the free potholder to the unsuspecting person behind the door.

Is this kosher evangelism?  I don't know.  I don't think there are any Bible verses against this.  Not to my knowledge at least.  But it's definitely weird.


Singaporeanized Japanese girl
I'm posting this for the haha or WTF factor. 

23 year old Yuki looks like your typical ordinary Japanese girl who is quite pretty.

I couldn't even tell that she' a local Singaporean.  If she kept her lips sealed I would have thought she was a Japanese girl from Japan.  But once she opened her mouth and started to talk, the cat was out of the bag and all the Singlish accent came pouring out lol.