Shaun Boothe - Let Me Go

New single from Shaun Boothe from Toronto, Canada.  The single is called Let Me Go.  Its one of those bittersweet nostalgic sounding songs that really hits you hard.  Produced by Nineteen85.

Also, mostly definitely check out Shuan Boothe's Unauthorized Biographies.  Inspired by Nas' Unauthorized Biography of Rakim, Shaun Boothe has plans to do 12 unauthorized biographies of his own.  So far, he has done 6 unauthorized biographical songs: James Brown, Bob Marley, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King & Barack Obama, Jimi Hendrix, and Sean Combs.  He us currently working on an unauthorized biography of Oprah Winfrey!
6/24/2010 16:08:25

Et Dieu dit:tu as repris "toute sa liberté"!.........


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