Chan-Maniac-New Dynasty

Snacky Chan and Maniac are now longer part of the (revolving) group Uptown.  They both left the group and formed their own crew called New Dynasty.  They did a recent interview with TBS eFM 101.3, which is an English radio station in Korea, talking mainly about their experience with the Korean music industry and being in Uptown.  From what I gather, it seems like these guys are done with the K-pop idol scene and want to start making music they believe in, hence the formation of New Dynasty.

They should be releasing a music video real soon but in the mean time here's an unreleased English track from New Dynasty called You Da Man.
Asian Pursuasian
03/19/2011 1:07am

You guys really need to check out the following rapper, he has a music video, and half korean half caucasion. This is the real deal that should be representing the asian rap scene.

04/04/2011 8:14pm

This is awesome and it lets you into the Korean music scene. New Dynasty is a cool group name and they are great rapers. Haha, they need me as a rapper in their group!

<a href="">Hip Hop</a>

04/12/2011 6:06am



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