Tlingit terracotta warrior
Located at 250 Howe St, by Waterfront Station
Terracotta warriors have now invaded the streets of Vancouver!  Lock your doors, close your windows!  The Chinese are coming!  Haha.  This particular terracotta warrior that I took a photo of is called "Tlingit Warrior" and its a terracotta warrior all dressed in Tlingit garb.  I think this one is most unique looking one out all of the terracotta warriors I have seen so far.  And its also a really cool way to represent the First Nations of British Columbia.
10/06/2012 12:33am

That is SO COOL, I wish we had those in Italy too!

Joan-y Zc
02/27/2013 9:26am

Holie, he's muscle man! Smiley for every star-Xd walk across the BBC.

07/02/2013 4:11am

Great to have a note about the Terracotta warriors and it is interesting that they are part of the Vancouver streets now. They were actually great warriors and it will be a honor for them by fixing their statues across the street. Thanks for the informal.


I created a weebly blog after seeing how simple it looked.

10/17/2013 6:12pm

Good reading


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